Course Tour

Par 5       555      542      477

Monster hole, almost always into the wind! Drainage ditch crosses at 220 yards from white tees It 170 yards from the ditch to clear the pond on your second shot


Par 3       172      158      125
Picturesque par 3! You hit from an elevated tee, over a pond with a bunker in it, onto a green surrounded by three more bunkers. Be aware of the prevailing crosswind.


Par 5       484     473     460
Downhill birdie hole if you avoid right hand bunker off the tee. Can be reached in two but watch out for the bunkers on sides and back. Flat green allows for good birdie putt.


Par 3      147     132    117
Very pretty par 3, slightly uphill to a fairly large green. Bunkers guard the front of the green. The creek is nothing more than a "visual hazard".


Par 4      365     362    344
Narrow fairway that bends right requires smart tee shot of 180 yards to leave open shot to green.


Par 3      199     187    150
Terrific hole! Requires long iron or fairway wood over creek in front of the tee and along the right side of the fairway, with trees and OB on the left.







Par 5       528      512      443
Our signature hole! It rewards risk takers but penalizes anything other than a perfect second shot, if you go for the green in two.


Par 4       300      293      275
Short and tight. Don't be greedy here. Hit an iron and keep it in play. A ball in these woods is impossible to play.


Par 4      447     407    382
Long par 4 that requires a good second shot to get on the green. The pond to the left is large. You'll want to miss this to the right.


Par 5       515      500      424
The driving range is on the left and mounds frame the right, but there is lots of room to "grip it and rip it". The creek is 230 yards from the white tees.


Par 4       374      367      311
The tee shot is semi-blind up the hill. The green is rather long and thin, without much room to miss. The left side is completely protected by the pond, and the right is bush.


Par 4       396      376      329
Plenty of room to drive the ball, but be carefull. This green drops of sharply long and left so approach with caution.


Par 3       185      166      145
A mid length par 3 with a generous green. Your tee shot is nicely framed by trees. Just beware of the pond on the right.


Par 5       519      501      432
A great par 5. OB all down the right, with lots of room on the left off the tee. The large elevated green beckons the big hitter to go for it in 2. The pond punishes a short shot.


Par 4       336      320      293
Sharp dogleg left. It is 210 yards from the white tees to the corner, leaving a short iron into the green. The bush is very dense, trying to cut the corner is very risky.


Par 3       165      161      130
Tee shots must carry the pond, just 50 yards from the tee. Fairly flat green is surrounded by bunkers but allows a good birdie chance with an accurate iron shot.


Par 4       374      346      312
Long hitters may carry the fairway bunker 145 yards from the green and have a short iron for their second shot. Play to the left for an open shot to a small green.


Par 4       385      371      354
Super finishing hole that calls for a good tee shot, avoiding the bunker and trees right of the elevated landing area. An accurate second shot offers a good chance at birdie.


Par 4       364      351      319
250 yards from white tees to the drainage ditch crossing the fairway. Keep your tee shot to the left to avoid the fairway bunker and trees


Par 4       396      378      358
Plays longer than it looks! Fairway bunker is 240 yards from tee and the long narrow greene slopes from back to front with long bunkers on the left and right.


Par 3       168      158      133
Pretty hole with a creek running in front and to the right of a large green. Three club difference from the front to the back of the green.


Par 4       358      352      330
Short par 4 that requires a precise second shot to an elevated green that slopes sharply back to the front. Land short and you could roll back 20 yards from the green.


Par 4       363      353      335
A narrow tree lined fairway doglegs and slopes left to right. You need a straight, 220 yard tee shot over the hill to have a clear second shot to a large green


Par 3       219      185      145
A monster par 3! Trees line both sides of the hole with bunkers short left, and greenside right of a green sloping from back to front.


Par 5       505      480      457
Birdie hole! Mud creek is 275 yards from the tee. There is a 40 ft. tree on the far side of the creek in the middle of the fairway.


Par 3       183      174      161
Tee off from an elevated tee to a large green with a deep bunker on the left and mounding to the right.


Par 5       581      511      495
A drainage ditch crosses the fairway at 270 yards. Keep your second shot to the right to avoid the fairway bunker and leave an open third shot.